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Our central objective at Nicholas Dibb Solicitors is to achieve our clients’ goals in a cost effective manner. This means pursuing a range of dispute resolution solutions from mediation through to litigation. If you already know what outcome you are seeking, we can assist in negotiations to achieve these objectives. If not, we help you arrive at sensible solutions. Nicholas Dibb has extensive experience and success in dispute mediation. We can assist you in:
  • characterising and understanding the nature of the dispute;
  • identifying the issues in dispute;
  • developing options and alternatives; and
  • reaching a favourable agreement.
Sometimes, despite the best efforts of all parties, a dispute may remain unresolved. In such a situation Nicholas Dibb’s team of committed solicitors can act in litigation for you. We handle a wide range of commercial areas.
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Collection
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We can successfully represent your commercial interests in Magistrate and District Courts, State Supreme Courts, the Federal Court as well as various tribunals. We act across several jurisdictions including the ACT, NSW, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Through our Australia wide professional network we can also arrange for experienced and skilled advocates to assist you. If you are currently involved in a commercial dispute, or you think you may become involved, please call our office to arrange for an assessment of your situation.