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Nicholas Dibb Solicitors: Detail Matters
If you are an employer or an employee, you are buying or selling a business or real estate, you are leasing commercial premises or seeking assistance to draft your will or you are seeking the resolution to a dispute, the services of an expert, qualified solicitor or legal adviser are essential. Often we put off consulting a solicitor until the last moment, but professional legal advice can save you thousands of dollars and put an end to anxiety and sleepless nights. Legal services can add value to your business and ensure that you are complying with complex legislation. They can also protect you from unnecessary disputes and assist you to settle matters of concern.
Nicholas Dibb Solicitors, a legal practice which specialises in commercial, property and employment law, understands the complex issues involved in business and personal legal transactions today. The law intersects with almost every aspect of our lives and yet most people are ill-equipped to deal with the law on their own. This is where we are able to assist you to deal with legal issues that arise from your business dealings, your personal relationships and just from living. We understand that you are busy pursuing your business, work life and personal life and do not always have the time to get across the detail of legal matters. Being experts on the detail is our business and that’s why we say “detail matters”.
Based in the national capital, Canberra, Nicholas Dibb Solicitors utilises technology to deliver excellence in its legal services. We communicate with you according to your preferences and offer advice in a timely manner.
A quality client care system ensures service standards delivered to each client are monitored daily.
  • Clients can contact Nicholas Dibb Solicitors at any time by email, telephone, or fax and receive a swift courteous reply.
  • Clients receive a full estimate on the costs of services upfront.
  • All services are provided by qualified solicitors backed up by full indemnity insurance.
Headed by Rhondda Nicholas, the principal solicitor of Nicholas Dibb Solicitors, with over 20 years’ experience in employment law, our emphasis is on delivering value to our clients. Rhondda is distinguished in her field and is at the forefront of incorporating the ease of e-commerce into the practice of law. Rhondda’s background and education include a BA (Hons), LLB, M Phil and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.
Nicholas Dibb Solicitors is staffed by highly trained solicitors and experienced paralegals. The firm is fully insured and indemnified in all aspects of its legal practice.
Whatever your legal needs, Nicholas Dibb Solicitors can handle them with finesse, expertise, and provide you with legal services that will please you.
Nicholas Dibb Solicitors are members of the Law Society of the ACT and associate members of the Law Society of NSW, the Queensland Law Society, the Law Institute of Victoria and the Law Society of South Australia.